Exam: IFS Practitioner Consultant - Asset Management - IFS Cloud

  • 19 August 2022
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What is the best way to prepare for the above exam? What to expect? Has anyone taken the exam recently? Is the IFS academy study material and knowledge checks enough to prepare for the exam?

8 replies

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Hi @jsawant ,


I don’t have an idea on the exam you have referred to, but with the other modules for the same practitioner exam I would say you to go through all the processes, methods, and all what is taught during the training to pass the exam. 


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Hi all ! 

I tried asking IFS Academy if they had any mock exams or previous exam papers that we could use to practice, but they only referred to the material available through IFS Academy, such as e-learnings and virtual classes for each module. 

I am also planning to go for the Asset Management certification and will be attending courses throughout September month this year. The “equipment” course will be on the 6th and 7th of September, 2022, if I remember correctly. 

I will also be following the guidelines provided by IFS for exam of Asset Management described here : 


Kind regards​​​​​​​


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Hi @jsawant 

Below are areas that will be tested. Each of these areas will be covered from the virtual training course and it is strongly recommend completing the following courses before attempting the exam. You can enroll to those virtual training course through IFS academy.

 o IFS Cloud Essentials (Self-paced eLearning)
 o IFS Scope Tools Essentials (Self-paced eLearning) *
 o IFS Business Value Engineering Essentials (Self-paced eLearning) *
 o IFS Maintenance/Asset Management – Equipment IFS Cloud (Virtual Class)
 o IFS Maintenance/Asset Management - Work Order IFS Cloud (Virtual Class)
 o IFS Maintenance/Asset Management - Preventive Maintenance IFS Cloud (Virtual Class)



Thank You.

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Dear all,

I am planning to get lesssons from academy but I am a little bit confused.

My question is;
I am currently using IFS10 apps but in the academy lessons are related with cloud i think.

Should I buy this lessons anyway? or should I wait to IFS10 courses to opened?


Thanks in advence!

Kind Regards

Ozgun Bal

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HI @Ozgun BAL . 

IFS Academy only provides training in the latest version of IFS, currently that is IFS Cloud. I have asked this directly to IFS Academy before through e-mail, they gave me this response. 

So, other versions of IFS, such as APP10, APP9, APP8 and APP7.5, you will have to learn through on-the-job training or through project experience. 

Hope this clarifies your question. 

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Hello @TayabAjmal ,


It is really sad to hear that but thanks for your quick response.


I am wondering still, can I figure to study the lessons and pass the exams if I don’t know anything about cloud but experienced in IFS10. May be the logic and presentation is still similar with IFS10 and cloud?.


I think the challange will be that I wont able to exercise anything about lessons in IFS10 environment and every lessons will be theoretical for me.


Kind regards


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Hello @Ozgun BAL . 

I was very disappointed myself with this response from Academy, as I had customers running everything from APP7 to APP10, anyways, nothing to do about it. 

Yes, you could do that, if you are very experience in APP10, then Cloud is not much different. Especially if you are familiar with the Aurena interface. 


Kind regards

Tayab Ajmal

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Dear @TayabAjmal ,


Thanks for your time and answers.


Kind Regards

Ozgun Bal