Automatic Generation of PM WO through Calendar Generation

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Hi IFS Guru,

I have a scenario where I need to create Automatic Generation of PM WO through Calendar but for specific Object IDs, as our plant is in commissioning stage, we have created PM actions for all the equipment but in preliminary status, some of equipment handed over to Operations and PM Action is in active status, now we need to implement Auto Generation (Avoid going manually to each PM action and click Generate WO) system should be able to create PM WOs (as a background) based on interval for specific Object IDS (that is very important). System should not generate PM WO for all the Object ID even if it is in Active Status.


We are using IFS Cloud Web version:

Appreciate your help on this matter.



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Hi @KHAN001 ,

Have you tried using the “Calendar Generation” option ? Here you can enter specific details in the “Selection parameters” section and run, which will generate the WO for the given set of parameters. In your case, you can enter the specific Object ID and run.

Calendar Generation Window

Best regards,

Supun Ekanayake.


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I know this functionality but every time I need to provide all parameters and then click OK it will be only one time background job created, which is not something I am looking for,  I wanted that all PM WO should be generated automatically, like some routine runs in the background and system generate PM WO based on predefined parameters, I my case it is specifically related to pre-defined Object IDs.

Something related to Database Task through Solution Manager and invoke background processing. It is available in other EAM software such as SAP, Maximo but not sure in IFS.


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There is a Database Task called “PM Calendar Generation” in component PM. You should be able to create New Schedule for it while providing the parameters. Schedule will be automatically executed on the routine you defined.