Astea 15.4: move stock from bad bin

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We have several profiles in v15 - on one of the (a new one) we are not allowed to move inventiry from bad bin to used bin. I can search for serials in Bad bin, but Astea claims there are 0 available even after I pick one from the list. I assume this is a setup, but I have looked “everywhere” to find this setting 



Best answer by Phil Seifert 10 July 2024, 13:53

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Hi Bjørn,

When we look at this part number for another issue we saw all items of this product reported as inv_type_id = DEMO and none were reported for either good or bad.  We corrected the data for the items which should have been inventory type GOOD.

In your screen, you are showing fr_inv_type = bad but currently with the last database I saw from you, it is inventory type demo for this serial number so you don’t have this in the data thus zero qty is correct.  It may be in the default 

Please adjust the fr_inv_type to demo.  Same with the fr_bin, it is in the Demo bin. Hopefully, that resolves your issue.


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Thanks, Phil - yes. I’ll update these in the DB direct