Upgrade from Oracle 12c to 19c

  • 5 March 2020
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Can I find information about upgrading an IFS database from 12c to 19c?

From november 20 2020 we should have upgraded to 19c due end of support from Oracle on 12c.

6 replies

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I don’t have anything to help you but we’re in the same situation - probably like many folks on here.  I’d be interested to see the same info too.

Thanks in advance!


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Same here. It would be nice to have some official comment from IFS on this, other than “contact your IFS consultants”.

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Hi Mattias,

Currently Oracle 19c is supported for Apps 10 UPD6 and above.

Assuming you are using Apps 10, you first need to request and install UPD6 or above.

You can then use Oracle DBUA tool shipped along with Oracle 19c software to upgrade from 12c to 19c.

Apps 10 RDBMS Supported Platform info

If you are currently not on IFS Apps 10, then you need to contact IFS Support regarding Oracle 19c support timeline.

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Hi Mattias,


What version and release of IFS are you currently running?

We are currently running IFS Application 8 SP1+ but in the middle of upgrading to IFS Application 10.  We currently have Oracle 12c installed but will be migrating to Oracle 19c shortly.  We are lucky because we are only now moving to IFS Application 10 so we’ll just have to reinstall our servers with Oracle 19c the proceed with testing and upgrading as normal.

IFS recommends using the Oracle data pump tool to export and import rather than the Oracle DBUA tool.  The format would be something like the following.



expdp <username/password> parfile=E:\app\admin\IFS10PRD\scripts\exp_parfile.par






impdp <username/password> parfile=E:\app\admin\IFS10PRD\scripts\imp_parfile.par





William Klotz

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Hi William.

IFS recommends Datapump utility as part of their Upgrade documentation to upgrade both IFS Applications and Oracle database software as this is included in their Upgrade Deployment guide. 

If clients are considering a standalone DB software upgrade, DBUA is a safe and quicker option. Datapump option can be used too but there will be few manual steps involved to achieve a clean upgrade/migration. 

 DBUA upgrade requires some Oracle DBA background and experience. 

More info:

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Hi Srikanth,


Thank you for the explanation.  DBUA would be an easier path to upgrade just the database for us in the future if we need to just upgrade the database.


Thank you,

William Klotz