upgrade 9 to 10

  • 13 August 2020
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What is functional difference between V9 and V10 from finance module  ? If possible plz share document

4 replies

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Hi Dinesh, Apologies for our delay! 

@tibsltd - do we have a resource for this?

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@tibsltd , Could you also share , difference between IFS 10/Aurena vs IFS 2004 for all modules.

I need to understand .

Please assist us.

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Hi Adarsh,

Thanks for your question this is of course more complex, from 2004 to Apps10 is a huge functional leap and to provide this for all modules as you request is representing 15 years of IFS RnD innovation.  I would recommend you look at a customer specific service for assessing the upgrade readiness.

During this assessment to team can compare what the customer is using with the latest and greatest offerings of the current IFS versions.