Trying to set up new Inventory location - getting error it already exists

  • 11 November 2021
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Trying to set up a few new bin locations

Am adding The site, site description, location no, warehouse, bay and tier - putting a “-” in Row and Bin and I am getting the error that The Warehouse Bay Bin already exists - but it doesn’t


Any one had this happen and if so how do I fix

11 replies

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Hi @sandra.waud

Have you checked whether, you have same Bay, Raw, Tier, Bin combination under same site, warehouse?

Can you please add a screen print?

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Not sure why this is in the wadaco section, since I’m guessing it has nothing to do with wadaco?

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Dear @sandra.waud ,


Was this error resolved? It seems I am getting the same error message and I am wondering what the solution is here.


Best Regards

Roel Timmermans

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Hi Sandra, 

Could you send us an screen shot of the issue?


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Hi Lahiru,


Is it ok if I provide you with a printscreen from my error?


I tried setting up multiple inventory locations (different warehouse, different bay, different BIN), all give the same error.

Best Regards


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@sandra.waud do you still have this issue?

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We encountered similar issue. This is bcz the location seq goes out of sync.

Mostly a migration introduces a value which is not supporting the system defining values for the loc seq. So results the out of sync. 

The seq in the table needs to be repaired in order to make it syncing again.

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@Vimukthi Mahakumbura  Can you reset the location sequence? Or indicate what the next number should be? or do you need to trace it in the migration job where a potential mistake has been made? 

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Just a small bump for this item. Is this some confirmed bug?

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I’m curious too..
I have a customer that are on 22R2 and I get the same message that warehouse bay bin already exist.

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@NovPeterR  we got the following response regarding this issue

So key is that you should leave the sequence field blank in the migration job!

Hope it helps!


- Next Number of db sequence INVENTORY_LOCATION_SEQUENCE is '111' (Refer image NextNumber.png) 
- Field LOCATION_SEQUENCE in WAREHOUSE_BAY_BIN_TAB is getting the values from sequence next value. 
- But the maximum existing value of LOCATION_SEQUENCE in WAREHOUSE_BAY_BIN_TAB is '15467' with migrated data. (Refer image UATMaxSequence.png) 
- Currently, when inserting a new record to WAREHOUSE_BAY_BIN_TAB, the next value of sequence 'INVENTORY_LOCATION_SEQUENCE' is fetching '111' (On each insertion sequence value increased by 1) an already existing value for LOCATION_SEQUENCE in WAREHOUSE_BAY_BIN_TAB. 

Therefore, 'The Warehouse Bay Bin already exists.' error is thrown. As explained before, this has been caused from migration data and sequence was not updated accordingly. 


Need to update the next value of db sequence 'INVENTORY_LOCATION_SEQUENCE', to the (max +1) value which is holding for LOCATION_SEQUENCE in WAREHOUSE_BAY_BIN_TAB. 

For example as per the current scenario: 
next value of db sequence INVENTORY_LOCATION_SEQUENCE= 15467 +1 = 15468 

You can get the current maximum value from below query. 

Then prepare a data repair script to alter the next value of INVENTORY_LOCATION_SEQUENCE by above maximum value+1 and install it as a delivery. This is similar to installing service updates. Similarly you have to install this as data repair. 
Project team/ Partner should aware about this. 


Correct the releavnt migration job. You can delete WAREHOUSE_BAY_BIN.SEQUENCE from source mapping tab as it is not mandatory. System will generate sequence through API calls. 

* Can we reset the sequence timer ourselves? 
Being on residency type Cloud, I am not sure if you have access to the database from your end. Thus, kindly ask your project team to prepare the script to correct the next number of the INVENTORY_LOCATION_SEQUENCE and proceed on the installation through cloud. 

* Can we delete and re-import but keeping the Location sequence column empty? 
Yes. (Still I have the database access concern.) You can delete imported data and correct the migration job and then migrate data again. When SEQUENCE is not mandatory and you are not providing values, in the migration job, value for location sequence will be taken from the sequence.