Receiving & Closing Inventory from Register Arrivals & Purchase Orders

  • 11 August 2022
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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I am having issues with changing status of Purchase Orders from ‘Arrived’ to ‘Received’ on Purchase Orders. I have received the inventory in “Register Arrivals”(see screenshot1 for PO number: P514599, Source Ref2: 5, Source Ref3: 2) but the PO status remains unchanged(See screenshot2 for PO number: P514599, Line no: 5, Release no: 2)





My question is , Am I missing a step to ensure the the status of this Purchase Order changes from Arrived to Received?

3 replies

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When registering the arrival for this order line, you may have received the parts to an ‘Arrival’ type inventory location. Now if you move the parts from this location to a ‘Picking’ type inventory location, the status of the line will change to Received.

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Thank you for your feedback. The location type is already at Picking. Could there be other reasons why this is happening? 


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Hi @Ola 

If Purchase Order Line was received in to a ‘Picking’ type Location, it is unlikely that you could end up with Purchase Order Line state ‘Arrived’ unless you have Returned some Quantity for ‘Rework’ while remaining quantity was ‘Scrapped’ and/or ‘Returned for Credit’ in full.

So, please check whether there is a Rework Return registered against any of the Receipts of this Purchase Order Line (P514599-5-2)? If you can add a Screenshot(s) showing ‘Receipt History’ tab data (Procurement\Receipt\Receipt > Receipt History tab) for this Purchase Order Line (P514599-5-2), we can get a clear idea on what has happened and try to come up with a better explanation than this I must say.