User encounters mWO problem when opening task details

  • 21 September 2021
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My user encounters the following error:

It occurs from the My tasks list and trying to open one of them.

mWO has been initialized several times, no positive results.

There are no errors in log books on the device.

Installed app is version: 

This is on Windows installed mWO

The same is true for iOS (same version id)

10 replies

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Did you check the “Logs” on Aurena (Solution manager > Touch apps > Logs and Queues > Logs) for errors or warnings?

Any more tips @Maithree ? :)



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Please check whether the user has sites connected in IEE, Site Per User page.

If there is no issues with basic data, then have to enable the DB viewer and check the JtTask records to see if the records exist or not.

If no records in mobile DB regarding JtTask then have to check mobile logs (there will be an error regarding the sync).

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Thanks for the replies. Any logging shown for the users device is (Fout in second column means Error):

I checked via DB viewer and that stated the following:

The functionality seemed to work last week. User has still access to the site that is connected to the task.

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Maybe some invalid data for the user.  Would it be possible to check with another user that has just one transferred task assigned (no pool tasks as well)?

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Adding more…
There may be an issue with incorrectly added Custom field. 
Try with removing the custom fields for the entitiy.


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Can you check whether resource has been connected to company and site?


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The reason you are seeing this error is most definitely because JT_TASK records are not being synced to the mobile due to that error you see in the logs. Adding to above colleague’s @Dakshinie Wickramasinghe and @Rangani Fernando’s comments, if you still are facing that error after their suggestions, try adding sync traces to the user/device. 

This can give you more information about the error and perhaps even a stack trace for you to follow through in the database.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for your response. I have mWO up and running on two device. One running iOS and the other is via laptop app on Windows (id 1101). I followed your advice after another hickup in Windows (it also happens on same/all rows in iOS) and followed the path:

Trace enabled for Windows platform

I used RMB to open Sync Traces … found the following rows that are from last, most actual, actions:

Follow trace for 10:53:30

On the 10:53:30 row I used RMB to use Show Details…

These details are included in the attached text file.

Error is shown at line 211539

I have no clue what is causing this. Nor do I detect anything in front of the row that might cause it.

Screen shot of those rows in surrounding of the error:

Does anyone have an idea?

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Have you checked the custom fields added for the entitiy JtTask?
As I mentioned earlier, there may be an issue with incorrectly added Custom field. 
Try with removing the custom fields. Then the problem can be narrow downed..

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OK, that seems a way to go. I'll try to remove the custom fields from the Entity Details and see, per removal, what the results are in mWO.