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Multiple products in one task

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Dear all,

we are searching for a way to indicate more products in one task.

Currently our structure looks as follows

  • Multiple tasks can be be created below one request
  • In one task only one product can be assigned → this is already done via configuration on the request screen

Goal is to assign more products to one task. Background is that we are doing service on product lines, which can consist of multiple products. We typically don’t know which product is worked on first (technicians check the line on site). For the time being it would be sufficient to have one main product (assigned via the request to all tasks) and adding a list of additional products that need to be serviced on site.


Naive question: Why not add via UI designer an additional tab in the task, establish the link  via child relations to products and further add a list, where the user can select products (as many as preferred).





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HI @Thomas Widmoser,

You can use the task_unit baseline table for this requirement.

In that table we have task_id, Product_id, so you can add all your child products in the task_unit table in addition to that you can configure user_def to map sequence based on your servicing order.

And display the same list in your Mobile application and configure the user_Def field in the list, so that the tech can able to identify the service sequence.

Hope this helps.



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thanks a lot for your input! We will try that out and inform here again about the result.


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Hi @Thomas Widmoser,


PD team has accepted this as an enhancement request and will be implemented in a future release.

Furthermore, It could be done through configuration by adding a custom linking table (for example, "additional products" with keys task_id and product_id) between product and task, and adding custom policy or rules to manage the relationship.  Thank you.


Kind Regards,


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Hi @Kalpani Dissanayake ,

thanks for the answer. Currently we initiated a configuration to make use of task_units to add more products to one task. As we understood, this functionality (making use of task_units) is the correct way and meant to support our use case.

Will update 

Still would be interested to check the improvement you mentioned that willbe done by PD.