Project Deliverables - Undo delivery / return parts from Project Deliverables generated Shipment

  • 8 September 2021
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How do I or is it even possible to undo a delivered Shipment or generate a return of product for product manufactured and shipped from a Shipment line generated from a Project Deliverables structure?

Having tested so far, the undo delivery option seems to work only for Shipments generated from a customer order, and likewise the RMA requires me to enter a ‘sales part’ fro a customer order neither of which i have as I am not using customer orders?


Any thoughts / suggestions much appreciated.



3 replies

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Regarding RMA – It is not possible to handle a Project Deliverables related shipment in Return Material Authorization window. It is only developed for shipments generated from the customer orders. This is not implemented for Project Deliverables related shipments so far. It is same for Undo customer order delivery function as well. A customer has developed a customization in the LCS case G2271793 enabling RMA for project deliverable shipments.

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Thanks for the response Manoj, you have my thoughts :-)

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Hello, @Manoj Balasooriya  Do you know of any process other than a customization to remove an item from the project that was sent as a project deliverable shipment?  The main objective is to remove the cost from the project.

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