Number format in Aurena

  • 6 October 2021
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When executing a quick report and exporting the result to Excel the numeric field with decimals is interpreted as text, as I default (swedish) have “,” as my decimal separator. How can this be changed in Aurena on Apps 10 U9.




Best answer by Manoj Ruwanhewa 13 October 2021, 17:05

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Wrong decimal sign in exported excel Aurena quick report is already reported to IFS R&D as a standard bug in the IFS APP10 version.

However as per the view point of R&D ,this is a correction of large scale and needs to be done as a development in support track. In order to fix this, corrections should be done from reporting framework as well as in odata provider excel extension.

This is identified as an important functionality and it's expected to be fixed in IFS Cloud version.

As a workaround, quick reports could be exported to excel with correct decimal separators from IEE client.