Correction Transactions on Completed Activities

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Hello Community, would you kindly advise if it is possible to perform ‘Create Correction Transactions’ RMB option on Activity records which are in ‘Completed’ state?

We are having a few Time transactions where not have created records in the ‘Project Connections’ window. Due to this Hours tab is showing a less number of Hours than ‘Activity Hours’ tab.

But even i have created the correction transactions and perform ‘Refresh Project Connections’ functionality, it's not getting updated.

Would you kindly share your kind thoughts and advice? Many thanks. :)



Best answer by Dinidu Udana 10 May 2024, 08:17

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It should be possible to use ‘create correction transaction ‘function for completed project activities as well.

It is not a very common thing to see that the project time registrations are not available in project connections. Have you tried Re-opening the corresponding project activity and performing a project Connection refresh for all connected objects?

Also, it would be more convenient if you could attach screen pictures of the whole application client window for the reference images. To check more about this occurrence, I believe it is better to look further into the project connections, project transactions and the accumulation of the registered hours.

Dinudu Kankanamge
IFS Unified Support.

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Hello @Dinidu Udana Thank you very much for your kind thoughts shared. Sure i shall try the option of Re-opening the Project Activity and perform a Project connection refresh for all connected Objects. Sure and thanks for your kind advice and i shall make sure to provide screen images as suggested since it will be convenient for you all to investigate and provide better insight. Thank you. 😀