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  • 7 September 2021
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Dear Sir;


Before delivery parts to the customer,  the parts (inventory items) are packed by packing material (inventory items) with a standard numbers for each packing material.

I would like to consume appropriate numbers of these packing material, following the numbers of parts delivery. Does IFS have any function like packing BOM?





7 replies

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Maybe try Package Part 

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@CheSusumY Since you mentioned Customer Order, here’s how it goes


  1. Packing Instruction is where we define the Packing material. e.g. No of boxes, Pallets, etc at different levels


  1. How we connect to the Customer Sales Part is at Default Packing Instruction per Customer Order


When it comes to Procurement, you can define Packing Instruction at Supplier for Purchase Part


Hope that answers your question?



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@CheSusumY additionally, you have the flexibility to change / add new Packing Instruction at CO line level

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Hi again @CheSusumY , one way to ‘Consume’ these HUs in IFS will be ‘Count as zero’



In IFS10 also you can find the function via RMB on the HU line

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@CheSusumY , Did the use of ‘Packing Instruction’ and ‘Count at zero cost’ help you consume the packing material? Or did you figure out any other way that you’d like to share on this forum? Please let us know, thanks

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@Rangi Wijewardana is there a different way than ‘Count at Zero’ for HUs in IFS (non ASC) if we want to consume Packing Materials? Thought of keeping you on the loop in case I had missed something. :)

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@CheSusumY , EnzoFerrari: I would say that in core we do not support “consume packing material”. Here I am assuming that you mean keeping track of the actual packing material in more or less like an inventory part. So when packing parts into HU you would at the same time consume one piece of that packing material/HU in inventory. And then also have support for a proper replenishment process. There might be some functionality for this in the ASC extension.

In core the HU ID will however be reausable so the same HU ID could be reused after first have been delivered to a customer - I think pallet scenario is one that fits this description.

I know that packing material that can be consumed and replenish is part of future roadmap for supply chain but can’t promise you a specific release or date for this being added.

When using “Count as zero” for a HU as mentioned above it actually means counting the content of the HU as zero - the HU ID will still remain but then be empty.