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IFS10 Kanban Automation

  • 2 January 2020
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Has anybody implemented the full automation Kanban program?  I want to set it up to automatically calculate ROP’s and generate req’s but I need to know a few things first.


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3 replies

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Hi. We run Kanban auto replenishment in IFS10 but use manually calculated/static quantities. What’s exactly are you interested in knowing?

Ged Pierce. 

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Thank you for responding.  We currently do not use IFS10 Kanban auto replenishment at all.  We spend about 30-40 hours a months exporting data from IFS into an ACCESS DB, manipulating it, then manually creating req’s.  I want IFS10 to do the work for us using real history.  I have no idea how to actually implement this process.  I don’t know which screens to access to turn on the automation and allow IFS to calculate the ROP’s and create the req’s.  Can you help me figure out how to turn on this functionality?

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From what I can remember offhand, our setup process was (for moving parts from stores to floor stock and backflushing from there):

  1. Configure part for kanban
    1. Inventory Part - Manufacturing Tab - Backflush Part = Only Floor Stock
    2. Inventory Part - Manufacturing Tab - Reserve/Issue Method = Backflush
    3. Product Structure Component - Reserve/Issue Method = Backflush
  2. Create kanban circuit, we use:
    1. Replenishment Type = Location Group
    2. Replenishment Order = Transport Task
    3. Signal Type = Automatic (Reorder Point)
    4. Quantities - make sure that (Qty Per Kanban x No Of Kanbans) = (Reorder Point Qty + Lot/Transfer Qty)
  3. Activate the kanban circuit
  4. Run Kanban Reorder Point Request - this should generate transport tasks to fulfill the demand

This is how we use it to replenish floor stock but kanban can be used in many different ways. It sounds like you want to do something different so hopefully someone else can help further.