Approval of production time

  • 25 January 2023
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we would to add an approval step on the reported times of our employees using the shop floor workbench.


Operators use the shop floor workbench to report time they spend on a operation. Can we add an ‘approval’ step to this? On the site level, we have the option ‘Authorisation required’ on shop floor reporting setting, but where can we approve this? In an ideal situation, i’d like to this in the screen ‘shop floor clockings’ or ‘shop floor reports’?



2 replies

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IFS does support authorization of manufacturing time (shop order time and indirect time). You set this up on the site as you pointed out, but it also requires the use of IFS HR/HCM Time & Attendance module

When this is configured, a manager (with permission) can authorize the shop floor reporting time.

This will “lock” that labor time so it cannot be edited. also no additional time can be reported for that employee ID on this day. And before the time is authorized, the postings will not be transferred to finance.

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When we click authorize, we don’t get the separate authorize and approve options.


Is there some kind of setup to make  the separate options appear? 


Please disregard, it just had to do with supervisor permissions, working now