Can you delete Flight Disruptions?

  • 24 April 2020
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We are building flight disruptions, but there are times when the aircraft does not end up taking a mx there a way to delete those flight disruptions? I hate to see a bunch of meaningless flight disruptions (meaning they have no delay time associated with them) clogging up the system, but I can’t see the simple way of deleting, or removing those Flight Disruptions...any thoughts on that? 



Does it affect MAA downstream to have a bunch of 0:00 mx delays?

Do duplicate Flight Disruptions (with real x:xx delays) cause issues?




Best answer by Ben Rusk 28 May 2020, 20:40

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1 reply

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Unfortunately the ability to outright delete flight disruptions is not available in Maintenix.  What is usually done to handle scenario is to add a custom delay code (e.g. ERROR) in the REF_DELAY_CODE table and dedicate this new code to be used when changing a flight disruption's duration to 0:00 due to it being created in error.

This method would not downstream impacts on MAA as the tool should be picking up on only certain delay codes.

Duplicate flight disruptions created in error are a concern and would appear in both Maintenix and MAA as 2 separate delays as the systems wouldn't know they are duplicates.