How to attach serial parts to a Serial Structure

  • 18 February 2022
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Dear community,


Let me ask you about the installation of serial parts in the Serial Structure.


In the [Structure Change Log] on the work order screen,
I pressed [Record Part On]/[Record Issues Part On], then [Perform Structure Change],
and tried to install the serial parts on the Serial Structure with the components removed.


However, the serial parts I want to install are not displayed as candidates.
What kind of settings are required to install serial parts in a serial configuration?




Best answer by nideca 23 February 2022, 14:59

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2 replies

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Hi Tomoki,

I’m assuming you’ve received the parts in inventory. To be able to install them in a structure, you need to make sure they exist as VIM Serials. To create the VIM Serial, navigate to the Serials from Inventory page, search for your part, select it and click the New Serial button. 

Once you’ve created the VIM Serial, the part should be displayed as a candidate for installation in the structure.


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Hi nideca,


Thank you for your reply!
Your answer has solved my problem!

It was easy to understand, thanks to you politely teaching me how to operate it.


Kind regards,