Basic Data Setup for Flight Line Maintenance

  • 26 May 2022
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Is there any documentation how to setup IFS Cloud - Flight Line Maintenance? I have been trying to sandbox out the Functionality so I know how it all works and what it can and can’t do. The content in IFS Academy just provides and introduction of the functionality and little demo, but not much information on the basic data setup.

What I am looking at is the level of dependencies it has on other IFS Modules and Products.

The big questions I am looking at are;

Is it pretty standalone or do I need Maintenix and/or ATCM to make it work.

What levels of AV Structure needs to captured, and can you build ad-hoc structures on the fly as opposed needing the data prepositioned as you do with Maintenix. 

I am also looking at Part Request and want to understand where parts are Issued from? Could this be Warehouse (Distribution) or does in need to Maintenix Inventory?


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Hi Alex,

Up to and including IFS Cloud 22R1, Maintenix is required for Forward/Line Maintenance (FLM) in IFS Cloud.

Information on FLM configuration for the various IFS Cloud releases can be found in IFS Technical Documentation. For 22R1 the information is available in the Forward/Line Maintenance Configuration topic. This includes information on data migration as well as other basic data and requirements that need to be set up prior to working with FLM. End user documentation has some basic data set up as well and this can be accessed via the IFS Cloud Documentation for Forward/Line Maintenance process model.

Starting with IFS Cloud 22R2 with planned release in October 2022, FLM will have a standalone version i.e., no Maintenix required. The initial release will support manual loaders, including but not limited to migration jobs, data entry screens, .csv file upload, for Workscope, Allowable Configuration and Flights. In the case of tooling, the next release will not be integrated with the IFS Supply Chain module.