How pin some fields in search window?

  • 20 April 2024
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I want to pin some fields in search window in top to Not scroll the search window all the time.

Is it possible in IFS?


Best answer by Mayura Wasantha 22 April 2024, 05:52

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Hi There


You can open the Search dialog in the following ways,

  • Press F3 once you are in the page you want to search for data in
  • Use the Search button on the page tool bar.
  • Right mouse click in the page to open the Context menu, select Search.
  • Press Shift+F3 to search in in the detail part of a master detail page. E.g. in the Customer Order page, press Shift+F3 in order to search in the customer order lines part of the page
  • A Dialogue Box lists the available search conditions or search syntax examples
  • You can also see the different conditions by clicking the drop-down arrow on the search field Search with keyword

Assuming i have understood the question, sounds to me like the search dialogue box is what you wish to refine.. right?


Thank You,M

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There are several options to reach your saved searches:

  • From the Navigator right under the node of the page where you created the saved search
  • From the Breadcrumb navigation, in the drop-down list for the page you created the saved search for
  • From the drop-down list by the Search button in the page toolbar.
  • From the saved search drop-down list in the search dialog
  • From My Administration/Saved Searches. From here you can manage all the saved searches you have created. There are options to rename, edit and delete your saved searches as well as adding them to the Navigator.
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Hi @Armagha

I assume your question refers to the IEE Client.  Please check the below series of images to understand how to pin a search field to the top to avoid unnecessary. scrolling.

Example Functional Object 

  • Current top fields in Search dialog - Object ID, Operational Status & Design Status
  • Field required to be pinned to the top - Item Class
  1. Click on the “Configure” command in the Search Dialog
  2. Add the “Item Class” field into the “Show these search fields in this order” box at the tight hand side. 


  1. Use the “UP” commend to bring it to the top. Set OK.

    Results Looks like below.


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Dear @Mayura Wasantha 


First of all I should thank you for your helpful guide.

I have another question, does this setting save for advanced search or this just is for standard search?

Because I go to advanced mode and the sequence is not set for it.



Best Regards,


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No it is for the basic search, the advanced search doesn’t retain a reordered version of the fields.

You can sort and that is about it.