Change selector Filter Name in Aurena

  • 10 July 2024
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In Aurena, is there a way to change the name of the selector filter label “Site” to “CodeE” so that there is not 2 Site selector filters?



Best answer by Marcel.Ausan 11 July 2024, 09:34

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5 replies

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That is weird. In our IFS24R1 environment I only see Site to appear only once. Further down I noticed as you mentioned the CodeE. I think you have to think the other way around. CodeE has been given the internal name/description Site via Accounting Rules > Posting Rules > Define Code String.

Is it not an idea to change the CodeE to something like 'Fin Site’?

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@bpamlin just to clarify, in Page Designer, Selectors are the fields that appear on the left side of the page.


What you need to find is the Group where the 2nd Site field exists and simply re-label the field. Please note that the re-labelling will be visible in the filtering field and also in the area where the field is displayed. See below an example:


I hope this helps.

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@bpamlin That was a good addition of @Marcel.Ausan I just like to point out that the solution as provided by Marcel, and you most likely are aware of that, is per form/list to be changed. Changing the description on the code part it self has more influences as it will be reflected in all the pages and reports that used CodeE. For internal communication I would draw one line and be careful to make changes per page (but those are just my 5-cents).

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I would agree with @eqbstal the name you see on the screens for code parts are derived from the Define Code String screen.

Change the Internal Name here and check if this changes the visible value. If it doesn't I would remove the label from the code part affected and try again.



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Thank you all! You have helped me determine it was not an issue with the selector at all but instead a fieldset label that was referencing Site causing the site filter to show twice.