Unable to create PO from Purchase requisition

  • 14 January 2022
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Hi Everyone, 

There is a issue I was facing as a purchase requisition is created and currently in Released state also the Order quotation are in approved state. While creating a Purchase Order it gives me an error that states - You can’t do such things.

Please help me to fix this issue.

Thanks !!

6 replies

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Can you post a screenshot? Does it really say, “You can’t do such things” in a popup? If so, I will search the code for that string! We are just getting started with Purchase Orders and Requisitions (APPS10), so this is of interest to me…

In any case, I think more details (screenshots, for example) would help immensely.



Joe Kaufman

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Please find below the error message 


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Hi @an_2786, Please check whether there are any Custom Events placed related to this flow. This error cant be a standard IFS error, but a Custom Event or a Customisation.

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Hi @Vimukthi Mahakumbura , for all other purchase requisition user is able to create PO but for one particular purchase requisition it is giving this error.

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Are you creating the Purchase Requisition to the same site or company you have access?

It could be like @Vimukthi Mahakumbura mentioned in his post a possible custom event or security access to a Site. 

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Hi @Vimukthi Mahakumbura, When the order quotation line is in approved state, then how can we change the Wanted delivery date !

Cause I tried revoking approval for order quotation line but the field for order quotation line is still disabled.