Troubleshooting Report Formatter in IFS Cloud

  • 26 September 2022
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How can I troubleshoot and diagnose the report formatter in IFS Cloud? I have Report Designer jobs stuck in Waiting status.

5 replies

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Hi @durette ,

i would start off by checking the logs in “ifsapp-reporting” pod. it’s quite likely that you would find a more meaningful error that leads to something there. 


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As this is 22R1, there reporting solution is broken in to 3 parts. Check the logs of ifsapp-reporting, ifsapp-reporting-ren and ifsapp-reporting-cr (if these are crystal reports). The logs should ideally give you any information about the issue you are having.

You can also check the Report Application Messages. Check the statues of the message and if they are in error state. If they are in error state check the message and it should give an indication of the issue.

Another thing you can check is the report task templates. Check the queues the task templates are running on and check in the report queues if these relevant queues are there. If they are, then check if the queue is stopped or not. If the queue is not there, you will have to create that queue.

If you find the issue to be a missing queue, please let me know as I’m investigating in to a issue like that and I would need some more information from you.


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Pod ifsapp-reporting-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXX is reporting "Readiness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 504". Do you have any idea what that might mean?

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The logs for the ifsapp-reporting container look like this:

WTRN0049W: An attempt by the transaction manager to call rollback on a transactional resource has resulted in an XAER_RMFAIL error. The resource was


This looks like IBM WebSphere.

WTRN0049W: An attempt by the transaction manager to call rollback on a transactional resource has resulted in an XAER_RMFAIL error. The resource was {0}

Explanation The rollback call on a transactional resource did not succeed because the resource manager was unavailable. The rollback call will be retried at regular intervals.
Action Ensure that the resource manager is available.
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Hi @durette ,


You can try below steps


  1. Make sure that all queue used in report templates are there and started. Here the faulty report templets like  BATCH2 and some others report templets were removed and only the DEFAULT report template and report queue was kept.

  2. Remove all jobs from PRINT_JOB_TAB and PRINT_QUEUE_TAB

  3. Remove all rows from REPORT_APPLICATION_MESSAGE_TAB

  4. Remove all rows from REPORT_BATCH_PR_QUEUE_TAB

  5. Restarted the ifsapp-reporting and ifsapp-reporting-ren containers

  6. Order a report and see if it works as expected. Printed the “Component Information” report to NO_PRINTOUT logical printer. All worked fine.

  7. Added the BATCH2 queue and created a new report templates and configured that to use the BATCH2 queue. Added a Logical Printer and then printed the “Component Information” report to that Logical Printer. The job errored out saying “Not mapped to a Print Agent” which is the expected behavior as Print Agents were not configured in the environment. It should work after the Print Agents are properly setup and started.