TLS 1.3 downgrade to TLS 1.2 for boomi Connection to IFS CLOUD

  • 24 November 2021
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Hi Community.


Is here a insturction available how to downgrade the IFSCLOUD Standard TLS 1.3 to TLS 1.2.

We know that TLS 1.2 is supported bei IFSCLOUD but Build Delivery is always with TLS 1.3

boomi is not supporting TLS 1.3 because of security issues and so we need to reconfigure some how.


It is urgent and if anybody have a solution or  a short description we would appriciate that.


Thanks a lot

1 reply

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Hi @arndbackhaus,

I looked this up in our documentation, but couldn’t find any information. In previous versions of IFS Applications, we were able to do this via the installer, but I cannot find any references for IFS Cloud.

I think it would be best to open a case with IFS for this. 

Hope this helps!