Quick Report with Crystal Report - What is the significance of the CR_WEB_INIT

  • 14 January 2022
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I had a Crystal Quick Report that was not showing the data I needed.   I added the Shop Ord file and then connected the CR_WEB_INIT file to the Shop Order and not the customer order file in the query.   

I have experienced two things.

  1.  When I run the Quick Report - I do not get any data but I do get data on the Crystal Report server.
  2. When I try to run the Quick report, it is prompting for Sign on password and Schema

Thanks for your help.


2 replies

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CR_WEB_INIT procedure makes sure that all the queries to the database are executed in the context of the actual end user, making sure that the users do not get access to data they are restricted to.

Have a look at following documentation and make sure the quick report layout is created correctly with CR_WEB_INIT:


Also make sure the “specify if web database access security check is required ” system parameter is set to YES since you have added CR_WEB_INIT to your Crystal report, as mentioned in following documentation:


Hope this helps!

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Our system parameter “Specify if web database access security check is required”  it is set to No.

Security check is not used.