Missing solutionset.yaml in the build-home/ifsinstaller

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Hi Everyone,


I am doing a remote deployment of IFS Cloud and noticed that the solutionset.yaml file was missing in the build-home folder for a 22R2SU3 downloaded from the LE Portal.



I checked the Customer Solution Repository and was able to find it there.



As far as from the other posts I read, its suppose to be included in the build-home zip by default. Does anyone know why it was missing in this case?

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Hi @devin.amarasekara,

the solutionset file should be inside the build home as you have pointed out. Did you check whether the build home was downloaded and extracted correctly? If yes, then  you would probably have to recreate the build home and see if the issue persists. Documentation for recreating the build home can be found here:

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Charith Epitawatta ,


Yea I downloaded the buildhome again and extracted it and still the solutionset.yaml was missing.


Also I noticed that in the Customer Solution Repository and  Customer Baseline Repository, there is only FNDBAS component. Is that normal for remote deployment buildplace? I checked in a cloud deployment buildplace and in that all the necessary components were present.

Will this be resolved by recreating the buildhome as well?