IFS Cloud Remote Deployment HA Sizing

  • 15 March 2023
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Hi all,


our Customer is planning to have a 3 Node IFS Cloud Middle Tier Cluster and has asked for the Sizing of the three nodes. The available sizing for the Remote Deployment is based on a single Node Installation, and seems a bit high, when having 3 Nodes.


The Customer has round about 300 concurrent Users.


Do you have any Sizing, and also a recommendation how to scale the IFS Cloud Pods along the Cluster?


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards


1 reply

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Hi @FleMarioE ,

For Kubernetes clusters (specifically the control plane), quorum needs to be maintained which means that at least 2 out of the 3 nodes must be available. So based on that, I believe you should be able to allocate nodes such that each node has enough resources to run the application with just 2 nodes available.

Beyond that, the sizing depends on how you want to scale each micro-service/pod/deployment.

Best Regards,
Malindu Fernando