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IAL Where Clause question

  • 14 July 2020
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Can we create an IAL in IFS where the user can input value for a condition defined under the Where Clause? If this is possible, what is the format to define that condition?

Using an example from IFS 10 documentation:

In this example, the where condition relies on a specific condition (TRUE)

Security_SYS.Has_System_Previlege(‘ADMINISTRATOR’) = ‘TRUE’

Is it possible to give the user ability to enter TRUE or FALSE through a variable?

Security_SYS.Has_System_Previlege(‘ADMINISTRATOR’) = ‘&User_Input’

My assumption is it won’t be possible using an IAL but wanted to confirm this anyway.

Thank you!


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Unless the user is given Admin permissions - which I would not recommend, they aren’t going to be able to create the IAL.  In my experience, the IAL can be and/or should be a larger dataset than is required and then any lower level reporting that is required should be managed through a quick report against the IAL where the parameters can be passed as desired.

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This is not possible, the IAL is created in the IFSINFO schema with no prompt for define/substitution values.


The view is a compiled database object which does not support &USER_INPUT values.