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How to capture IFS Session's Logoff timestamp

  • 24 September 2020
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Is there any way to capture the timestamp once Users close their IFS IEE Session?

We are trying to create a Quick Report to calculate total login time for IFS Users.

I can capture the LOGON time using IFS or Oracle views. However, capturing LOGOFF time is proving to be challenging as IFS doesn’t disconnect the backend Oracle session immediately, so there is no LOGOFF event recorded at the point of session disconnection. 

Any help or pointers in this regard is appreciated.



4 replies

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have you tried history logging on FND_CLIENT_LOGON_TAB

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I looked at that table and it only has a LOGON but no LOGOFF timestamp, which is the one I am after.

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You can use the history log both ways.


   SELECT logons.username,
logons.time_stamp AS logon_date,
logoffs.time_stamp AS logoff_date
FROM history_log_tab logons
LEFT JOIN history_log_tab logoffs
ON logoffs.keys = logons.keys
AND logoffs.table_name = logons.table_name
AND logoffs.lu_name = logons.lu_name
AND logoffs.history_type = '3'
WHERE logons.table_name = 'FND_CLIENT_LOGON_TAB'
AND logons.lu_name = 'FndClientLogon'
AND logons.history_type = '1'
ORDER BY logons.time_stamp DESC;


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I doubt FND_CLIENT_LOGON_TAB can be used to accurately capture logoffs.

Record from the table is deleted even when the user is idle.