How can we enable aurena bot?

  • 11 October 2019
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How can we enable aurena bot? When trying to use it we get a message saying IFS aurena bot is not enabled for our environment.

I heard that it require a Microsoft subscription to a AI, but where do we set it all up in IFS?

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What I have heard is that it will be released this winter, you need a subscription from IFS to get access to the Bot, IFS is hosting the bot but interface to your API. You need to be in IFS 10 update 6 and onwards.

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Ok, thanks! Just got back for Boston IFS WoCo, and it was demoed there. They are probably on UPD6 then, we are on UPD5.

I talked to a technician from IFS, and he said it the technology was build on MS AI bot and you will need to subscribe to services from them as well. We probably receive more info on this when the release notes on IFS 10 UPD6 is out. Should be pretty soon I hope.

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@SORBJAHAU The IFS Aurena Bot is available from Apps10 UPD6 onwards. You need to do some configuration changes in your system, and in the IFS Aurena Bot services to get it up and running.

You do not need to care about subscribing to Microsoft Services as these will be handled for you by IFS.

There is a functionality in the Bot called Customer Specific QnA, where you can build up a list of question and answers specific to you which can be connected to the Bot. If you want to use this feature then you need to have your own Microsoft Azure subscription to build the QnA list in the Azure QnA Maker service. Otherwise you do not need to have an Microsoft Azure Subscription.

Please contact the IFS if you are interested in using the Bot.
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@chanaka-shanil , thank you very much for the information and quick response!

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This Chat bot have a separate license or it comes with the standard product as out of box solution

This Chat bot have a separate license or it comes with the standard product as out of box solution

(since 3 months old topic)

i have the same question;
also, reading the above, it should work with some configurations in update 6; where can I find more info on that?

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Can someone please share more inputs on the Chat Bot and its licensing and how it can be enabled.

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I contacted our IFS rep and he told me that the chatbot is not available for sale yet?!? Very strange considering it was released in IFS10 UPD6.

He yold me new info will be given middle of December this year. It’s possible to buy it in blocks for a yearly cost of 1250€ for 1000 “conversations/month”. IFS will have 3rd party costs on the product. 

I have no further info where it will be enabled and configured. The IFS F1 help doesn’t have any information related to this. 

If anyone in here know more about this, I’ll be happy to hear!