Custom Field Layout - database or XML option to control layout?

  • 28 May 2020
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When using a custom layout of fields (in particular on a Custom Page), is it possible to control the layout (location and field size) in any way either via database or importable/exportable XML code in any way?

Having to line up a lot of fields with the little arrow buttons is pretty time consuming to get fields to all line up and space evenly.

I’m hoping there’s a way I can just input pixel values for size and location somehow?


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Tricky but doable.

Steps:​​​​​​ Prepare the custom field, Place it on the screen, Move it a little bit (as this will prepare coordinates in your user profile), Re-logon so your personal profile will be saved. Op the personal profile. Locate the branch Layout of the screen just changed. Export the layout branch as XML. Make changes in XML and import the branch again. Restart the app. Check the results in the screen that you changed in the beginning.

In this example I've added one custom field on the CRM Info tab of Customer:

Figure 1

Open your personal profile:

Figure 2

Branck Layout of frmCrmCustInfo contains OutlineNames. Last field is my custom field. This last field has coordinates 4 and 5 for the label and 2 and 3 for the data field. Use RMB on the Layout to export the branch.

Edit the saved XML. Search for 

Figure 3 - after change of XML
Figure 4 - Top and TopLabel positions

Import the XML using the following setting:

Figure 5 - Import and replace

Save the profile. Restart application and see the result in the screen.

Experiment with it. Good luck.