Working from Home Tip: How to Improve Your Community On Screen Experience

  • 10 April 2020
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It could be that some people, working from home, does not have a big nice screen, and especially not multiple screens as some have at work. Some are surely working on their laptops. Something that is important then is “screen real estate.”

Here is how to remove “cruft” on the screen, and how to enable full-screen mode.

  • Enable full-screen mode by pressing F11.
  • By default, the menu bar is hidden (which is good if you have little room on the screen). Press and release the Alt key to show it.
  • Keep the IFS navigator hidden, and use the shortcut panel instead.
  • Learn the keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+F to show and focus the navigator filter. (press Escape to close it again)
  • Show and hide the Attachments section using Ctrl+2 (the other context panels can be opened and closed using the numbers 1 and up.)
  • In general, learn the standard keyboard shortcuts. If you are using a laptop, perhaps you have now mouse and are using the trackpad and the keyboard might be a more efficient alternative.
    • Some favorites: use F2 through F12 to activate the most common commands in IFS (search, new, delete, etc.)
    • Use Alt+arrow key left or right to move to the previous or next screen that you have opened
    • Use Ctrl+Arrow down or up to switch between records in detail pages
    • Press Ctrl+F1 to show all available keyboard shortcuts (it miss some though, like Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs)


Thanks @Mathias Dahl for this tip! If anyone else has any working from home tips, we’d love to hear them!

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This is a great list of tips. They are for IEE and as we are leaving that with Aurena, I invite people to think how the tips above would be handled/translated in Aurena.