Currency revaluation result on accounts with no balance

  • 27 September 2021
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We have several revaluation accounts that have been in use and will come into use again in the future, but right now there is no balance on them. Neither in accounting currency nor as a currency balance.

These accounts are still being revaluated every month separately for debit balance and credit balance and the total of the transactions are zero.

Is there a way we can change this so no transactions for revaluation purpose gets created for an account with  a zero balance?

 (see example of one account bellow)


Balance zero in both currency and accounting
Four transactions per month creating nothing. Two reversal of previous month and two for the actual month end.


3 replies

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These accounts may have balance zero as per code A, but when you zoom-in to codestring combination, balance most probably exists on some code part level. You should check it and close balances on most detailed level. 

As it is, not only such account will be revaluated, but it will be present in opening balances of next year. 



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Hi @Leif ,

If you don't want to calculate any revaluation,remove those accounts from Revaluation Accounts window under Financials/Period Routines/Currency Revaluation/Revaluation Accounts



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Hi @Leif,

There is option to select revaluation level in Revaluation Account window. Are you referring to AP/AR connected GL account here. If so there may be open invoices with the same debit and credit values.  Please refer below screen preview for easier reference.


Best Regards