Cash Flow Exposure Report does not show any data

  • 1 October 2019
  • 2 replies

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Users have tried to run the ‘Cash Flow Exposure Report’, but no data is getting populated. What could be the reason?

2 replies

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For the Cash Flow Exposure Report to show data, as a pre-requisite all the relevant cash flow sources related to the Cash Flow Analysis IDs that you want to get to the cash flow exposure report need to be reordered.

Users need to right click and go to ‘Analysis Details Cash Flow Source’ from the relevant Analysis ID in Cash Flow Analysis screen.
Then users can order the values via the right-click: Order option, after ticking the relevant sources.
The ordering job can be run in the background.
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FYI - This ordering of data is a separate dialogue box in the navigator in Apps10. The RMB function is no longer available for the cash flow source itself