Budgeting and Forecasting

  • 10 September 2021
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Do any of you use IFS explicitly for your operating plan and forecasting process for your company rather than just for specific projects? We use IFS as our general ledger. Right now we do data dumps from IFS, do lots of manipulation and pivots to generate forecasts and plans. I wanted to see what is available in IFS today for dynamic forecasting / budgeting with real time updates. If you use something other than IFS for forecasting and budgeting, what do you use? Does it integrate with IFS? I am brand new to IFS.



3 replies

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Hi @jarauluk ,


We use IFS for our departmental and company budgeting and forecasting.  We are using IFS Application 10 Update 8 at present.  In your test or development environment take a look under financial-planning in your navigator.   You also find information in the IFS online documentation.  If you use IFS Enterprise Explorer and press F1 to bring up the help webpage.



William Klotz

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Hi @jarauluk , we are in App10 UPD9 and our Finance Department is about to start using IFS Business Reporter to help with budgeting and forecasting. See the F1 Help on that here:


The Business Reporter integrates Excel capabilities into IFS. 

Through its ‘writeback’ capability, the BR could help with budgets and forecasts

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Additionally @jarauluk if you’re interested to learn how business planning and budgeting works in the new IFS 21R1, the following webinar might give you an idea.