BACS File for Euro Payments

  • 6 January 2020
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Has anybody used IFS to create a bacs file for Euro payments? I need to generate a supplier bacs file with all the fields that are needed for Euro payments to Ireland - doesn’t have to be 100% accurate as we can use other software to generate it in the correct format as per bank requirements. 

4 replies

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Have you looked into either ISO20022 or SEPA payment formats that are core in IFS?



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if you want to output the payment file regardless the format, you can try to use external file output. Still strugle, you can create a quick report and save it to csv for your other software to consuption.

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I agree Dedi - it is possible that way too. I have a customer currently implementing that has done that for standard BACS - macro enabled excel to convert the standard IFS output to the desired format.

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I doubt whether it is allowed by the bank. You cannot use standard BACS format for EUR payment, since it is designed for domestic GBP transactions. For EUR payments, you have to use SEPA payments. If you use standard IFS application, you can use SEPA format or ISO20022 format (If you are in APP10, it is highly recommended to go for ISO20022 format).

But, according to your plan, I assume the third party solution will deliver SEPA payment to your supplier.

My worry is about supplier bank details. First, check whether the current BACS electronic address is sufficient to produce data for your third party application. If it is sufficient, you can try the method Dedi suggested. 


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