Apps9: How can i output my invoice print in XML or CSV?

  • 25 November 2020
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I am wondering the best way to create an electronic output file, preferably in XML format that I can send to a third party who will print and post our invoices.

Is there a native way to do this from report definitions/print rules or an event? Or should I use a file out mgration script??

Thinking of best practice ways to achieve this?



4 replies

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HI @BLLBrucemo ,


We send out invoices to a third-party in XML format by RMB on the invoice and choosing Send Invoice which sends the file to the third-part by uploading it to their FTP site.  The mechanism to make this configuring your system to send EDI messages and enabling it only for invoices.


You would need to create a routing rule similar to this one.


And a routing address similar to this one.


In the customer records you wish to use the send invoice functionality you would need to configure this information on the Message Setup tab.   You can also set it up at the site level as well but we do it customer by customer since we do not have EDI for all customers.



William Klotz

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Hi Bruce,

In addition to the process explained by William, I can see few options, you might use Report Rule,  Financial Connector.

If you use IFS E-invoicing process (similar setup explained above), there should be a pre-setup and it allows you to send the invoice as a XML. But, I am not sure whether your third party can read the IFS output as it is (XML tags). But, I believe your third party vendor will establish a mapping first.

In IFS Report Rules, there is an Action Type call “Route to Connect”. You can set the connector as a file or a mail. Then, you have to set the output type based on your requirement. 

Xml (Only the data xml) or FullXml (Full data xml with header and footer).

There is a pre-defined Connector to send customer invoices under IFS Financial Connector. It allows you to send the invoices individually or as a bulk. It is possible to schedule a job for this task.

Best Regards


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Thank you both! I will have a play in test and give it a try.

The third party can handle XML with a little mapping exercise but I really like the idea of sending the invoices in bulk so that's really helpful.

Will come back to you helpful chaps if I need anymore help - cheers

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I have implemented the routing rule/address which has created som test xml involves but I would also like to pass some custom fields. How can include these fields into the send_invoice process?