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FSM Customer portal accessibility issue

  • 9 August 2020
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Required help on how to create customer profile in FSM, what are the mandetory parameters need to be defined in person level and how customer use the cutomer portal  to access the application?

Is it possible to create Service Request  or to check status of request or personal information , even if not being a licensed user of application?


Need help.

4 replies

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All users of the Customer Portal must be created as Person records. Hence, should be a licensed user. You need to have the person created on licenses either NAMED, STUDIO, CUSTPORTAL. Apart from settings from a usual person, you need to setup a default place for portal access/place for portal access for the customer places the person is intended to access through portal. Yes, you can create service requests RMAs and view them, view invoices, have own workflows, create blogs for customers - for this you need to have admin access (STUDIO license or have the role function PORTALBLOGEDITACCESS), create forums etc.

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Normally Contacts created for End customers. Because we need to keep our customer information in the system, rather than giving permission to login to the system. Therefore, just create Contact. But to report Request to the Customer Portal we need to give the access for some customers. In that situation we need to create Person for that customer and provide FSM License Type as CUSTPORTAL. 



No need to create Contact for Office staff employees, since we can keep those information Person itself.

Even though Contact is there, cannot log in to the system. For login to the system, there should be a Person for that Contact. Person only can log in to the system.

Status of the User

To represent user as Active user, need to set Person status field as Active user.

Rather than deleting user from the table, set Person status field as In-Active user if no longer exist. Otherwise you will lose their work history.

License Type of the User

FSM application consist of many Portals.

SMART Client ->              FSM License Type – NAMED / STUDIO

Customer Portal ->         FSM License Type – CUSTPORTAL

Tech Portal ->                  FSM License Type – TECHPORTAL

Mobile Portal ->              FSM License Type – MOBILE

Studio ->                           FSM License Type – STUDIO

Warehouse Portal ->      FSM License Type – WHSEPORTAL

Dealer Portal ->               FSM License Type – DEALPORTAL

Repair Portal ->               FSM License Type – REPRPORTAL

  • STUDIO license can access any Portal since it has ADMIN / Super User access. NAMED license also can access any Portal other than the UI Designing function.


  • FSM License Type – MESSAGE,     this license means do not have access for any Portal. But can send messages to the application. Normally use by PSO.

To enable access for the mobile app, need to set the flag for the Mobile User.



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Thanks for your response.

@Randika : Already tried with license_type “CUST_PORTAL”. Contact ID also created for the corresponding person. Still no luck.

I believe for a customer , login id supposed to be the email id,mentioned in contact detail, and password could be set from security tab. 

Still unable to login. 

Could you please advise, what is missing?

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@Asterix For login ID use the person ID, not the email ID