Best approach for Multi-day scenario?

  • 28 September 2022
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I am currently working on a FSM/PSO solution where the tasks creation is done by backend systems and sent to FSM via API. FSM/PSO is only responsible for task assignment, scheduling and task status updates to the backends.

The problem is to do with two scenarios and their relation:
-Multi-day tasks: tasks with a duration longer than a technicians shift, taking more than 1 day. For example, a multi-day task with a duration of 20 hours is gonna be split into tasks (5 in this case) of duration of maximum 4 hours before being sent to PSO.
-Interrupted tasks: when a technician puts a task "ON HOLD", a copy of the task is created to get reassigned. It can get reassigned to the same technician. This interruption comes from the legacy mobile app.

The work order id's in the back-end systems have a 1-to-1 relation to the task id's in FSM. 

What is the best approach to ensure the task status for a given work order is correctly updated in the back end system? The problem here is how can I ensure that the task status is passed correctly to the back end system? Since supposedly we would only be in travel for a specific task and not for more then one.


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