Prevent users from checking in empty files (0 Kb)

  • 24 November 2022
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Hi all,

Is it possible by a Configuration or Document Macros to prevent the user from checking in an empty file?

I have tried Event Actions but not able to solve it due to that FILE_DATA column is a LOB and not part of the attributes. I will therefor end up with Mutating Triggers when trying to fetch the File Size.

I have no knowledge about Document Macros and don’t know if it is worth the time to try this out? 
Is it possible or does anyone have some other nice solution that might work?

2 replies

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Did you try the Document Default value ‘CHECK_FILE_EMPTY’?

This is only checking if an empty file is checked in at approval, so not at creation, but maybe this is already sufficient.


When approving a document, this value is used to check if the document has a checked in file that is empty (0 byte size). Possible values are Y(es) and N(o). Default value is Y. A warning message will be shown when the value is set to Y. No warning is shown when the value is set to N. This default value can be set only centrally in the Document Basic/Document Default Values tab. It cannot be set individually for each class.

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Thanks for the reply.

That is something I haven’t considered or tried. I will check it out and get back with the result. :-)