WMS Integration in IFS Cloud

  • 18 April 2023
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Hi All,

What’s the best practice in IFS cloud to integrate with WMS? Is there recommended integration projections that we can use?

In pervious versions, we were using WMSINT that contain 6 messages to make the integration work between IFS and a WMS work. We would like to know which projections can be used as replacements for this?

More information on WMSINT can be found in this topic

WMS Integration | IFS Community

4 replies

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Hi @dsj 

I have a general question: Does IFS have its own WMS?

We use IFS APPS10.

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Hi @Link

If you are wondering about the general warehouse management capabilities, Yes, it does. I hope the following functional documentation gives an idea of its capabilities.

There’s a separate module to integrate with other WMS systems as well (WMSINT) which is available in Apps 10 and previous versions but not in IFS Cloud as far as we’ve seen.



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Dear @dsj 

we have already the module WM.


Do you have more infomation about WMSINT?

Thank you.


Hi @dsj ,
Have you managed to find any information regarding your question? I'm also looking to gather information about WMS Integration in IFS Cloud.

Best Regards,