Apps9: Purging no longer valid price lists

  • 5 October 2022
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Am hoping someone can give me some guidance on how they manage price lists that are no longer valid. 

We operate on a system where haulage is included as part of the price per part. Which means that each price list has to factor the distance from the source to delivery point. 

As a result, we have a price list per delivery post code, per pricing level for all of our customers. Currently 22k price lists. 

We revise our prices approx twice per year, so the number of lists are growing. 

The update procedure we use (Migration scripts from CSV) takes a long time to run as it performs checks on previous lists. 

I would like to remove the price lists that are no longer valid to speed this process up. 

Is there anything anyone can suggest to remove those price lists or archive them perhaps?

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If the price list has ever been used in a customer order line, then it can’t be removed.


The best you can do is to use the Valid To date on the price list itself and then modify the migration jobs to only update the pricelists that are still valid.