IEE End of Life

  • 25 August 2022
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Has anyone heard of the End of Life for the IEE platform.  We are in the process of implementing IFS and don’t think that the Aurena platform has all of the mature functionality of IEE.


If IEE is going to be around for the next 3-4 years I would lean to implementing the more mature platform than be a gunnie pig for a new platform.





5 replies

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Hi @jdmconsulting ,

please take a look at the article below. EOL of Apps 10 is in 2025 and with it IEE will go away

Out of curiosity, is there a specific reason why you are implementing Apps 10 instead of IFS Cloud which is the latest release?


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I am new to IFS and we have both IEE and the Aurena client installed and accessing the se environment.   Our users have stated that many features in IEE are not in Aurena or are more cumbersome




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Our organization is split, some are using IEE and others are using Aurena. We found that if new employees or offices begin to use IFS we roll them into Aurena, this way they do not have to relearn the environment long term. Our IEE users are still hesitate to switch to Aurena for the same reason as you mentioned, several features that our users find helpful are no longer available in Aurena. 


We have a long term roadmap to upgrade to Cloud most likely in 2024/2025, hoping Cloud has some amazing features by then so our IEE users can enjoy the transition. 

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So from what I am seeing IEE is the full featured client app while Aurena was basically IFS’s first attempt at a Browser based application to accommodate mobile devices.

I assume that when you make the jump from AppS10 Aurena to Cloud there will be quite a bit of as I am sure the screens and back end will be different. 


Has anyone made that jump from m APPS10 to Cloud?  How much work is involved in making that switch?




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There are now a few dozen customers moving from V9 and V10 to Cloud.  Some have completed the journey, most are still slogging through it.  It isn’t for the faint of heart, and the full Cloud Aurena product still has lots of deficiencies in comparison to the IEE UI. 


There are a lot of posts in the community on this topic:




Probably more, but this will give a view of the hill to climb.