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Cloud Loss of Functionality Auto-Create Customer Order Line

  • 17 January 2022
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Hello IFS Community, 

We currently upgrading from IFS APPS 9 to Cloud, and are missing a key feature. 

In IFS Apps 9, we configured the Customer Order-> Customer Order Lines Tab to auto-create a new line after entering the Sale Qty. We could speed up order line entry by a couple of seconds for each line by enabling this functionality.
This was enabled by navigating to object properties(tbwCustomerOrderLine) -> Behavior Tab-> Options - Enabling New record after 'Sales Qty'.


We reached out to IFS R&D, and they confirmed this functionality is no longer available nor is it scheduled for development for IFS Cloud. The IFS technician recommended that I reach out to the community as an idea so it may be considered for a future release.


Will your business miss this functionality, and does anyone know of any potential workarounds that we can implement in the Cloud framework?


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