Ship Via - Best Practice for use of this field?

  • 8 September 2022
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How do you all use the “ship via” field on your customer and purchase orders? Generic or Actual Name of the Carrier?


We’re implementing now and I cannot wrap my head around the implications of using the field with precise carrier information; rather, more generalized like “OTR” for Over The Road or “ITM” for Intermodal or “BW” for Best Way / etc.

The business is leaning toward precision, but we don’t typically pick the method and it can (albeit seldom) change the day of customer pickup, for example… and we have over a 100 carriers / the list changes / defaults on the customer change, too. 


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2 replies

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We use generic terms as: Air Transport, Barge Transport, Container - Truck, Courier, Hand carried, Road Transport, Sea Transport etc.



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Hi Russel,

Ship via is kind of used in a generic way. If you want to have the specific carrier's details in the CO then you can make use of the Forwarder functionality in IFS. You can set one of the carrier as default(Customer/Order Tab) but you have the flexibility to choose other carriers in the CO.
Hope this helps.