Removal of old customer/supplier schedules

  • 22 June 2022
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Does anyone know how to clear old customer and supplier schedules from the table? 


We have added values in the Customer and Supplier Schedule Agreement Part record for ´Old Plans to keep´. 

In my test example I set the value to 50 but after running the MRP we have 273 record in the overview. I guess there need to be some kind of cleanup task that will clear old customer and supplier schedules but I cannot find any matching database task.


Any ideas? 


Thank you.





Best answer by Linda Loeffler 29 June 2022, 17:19

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Hi Josefin, I dont think there is such clean up job in the application to clear schedules. 

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Thanks for your answer. But then I am wondering, why can we then define how many schedules we want to keep? The help text says 

Old Plans To Keep:
This optional field indicates how many superseded versions of plan schedules should be kept for history. If no value is entered, all past schedules are kept.


To me this indicates that schedules will be removed by the system in someway?



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Hi Josefin,

The removal of old schedules may be triggered during the Release of a new one:
When you release a new Customer Schedule / Supplier Schedule, then the system will find the previously released Schedule and set it to Superceded. Also, the previous existing schedules will be deleted according to the value for Old Plans/Call-offs to Keep (note that it depends on the schedule type, i.e. the release of a new call-off will remove older call-offs).


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Thanks a lot Linda, this solved my issue :)

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Hi Linda,


A follow up question on this, is there a limitation on what number you can add in this field? We want to have a high number (900) on certain customers for follow up reasons, but then it does not work. The system behaves as there was nothing entered.