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  • 21 February 2023
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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In IFS Cloud when you create a count report how do select a range of locations?

We are upgrading from Apps8 and in Apps8 you could select:

From Warehouse:…

From Bay:…

To Warehouse:…

To Bay:…

In Cloud there is only a drop down box for Warehouse and Bay

5 replies

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Yes in a way.   

From my testing it’s appears to be same / similar as what we had in apps 10.  You can enter WH, Bay, Row, Tier and Bin.   These will be used to Filer what is on the count report.  For example, I have multiple locations to be counted within the same WH, BAY, and Row.  When I enter those data points, I get all the bins for that row.  

You could enter WH and Bay only as well. 

This is very similar to apps 10. 


Hope this helps, 

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Hi Thomas


Thank you understood, but what I need to do is select a range. For example if I had 10 rows and I wanted to create a count from row 3 through to row 6, how can I do this?





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The range is not possible even in the Cloud version.

Search criteria like 2..4  or <> are not recognized by the system. 

But I guess this is a good idea to raise towards RnD.


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@Dan did you by any chance create an idea for IFS RnD? I believe this is a shortage in IFS Applications to not being able to define a range in counting

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same issue here, hope this gets added in the future!