Can Scanner Change Using Internet Data Automatically when WiFi Low?

  • 30 August 2021
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When we do receiving of part using scanner, often we get error “SessionIsInterrupted”.  Our intial investigation shows it could be caused low WiFi connection in the area when scanning is done.

When the scanner is connected using internet data in that area, the scanning works fine.


Is there any setup to change scanner’s connection automatically from WiFi to internet data if the WiFi connection is low?


We use: Apps9 UPD14.  System resides in cloud.


Any feedback is appreciated.


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1 reply

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I think you need to consult the manufacurer of the barcode scanner you are using. It might be  possible to do in settings for the barcode scanner. I guess the barcode scanners you are running is using Android. 

I know that these type of settings can be done on Android phones, but from which Android version it wsa introduced I do not know. 

I googled around a bit, but could not find anything on just specific to scanners.