Work Task Status Doesn't Update

  • 17 September 2023
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I have a customer whose technician is completing work orders and the assignment status remains as ‘OnRoute’ even though he completed all the steps and finished the work task. The technician utilizes the travel option to travel to / travel from the job location. What are some possible causes for this status change issue? Is this a bug and/or human error with selections that the MWO app is allowing to move forward in the work task process with? And is there a functionality as an admin to manually change the assignment status? 

4 replies

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Hi @jhebert85, which release and update is this for.? We had a bug for this that was solved in 22R2 SU11 and 23R1 SU4.

You should still be able to set the Work Task status to Work Done manually from the Work Task sceen. 


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HI @jhebert85,

To me this could look like failed transactions if when the technician is already completing the assignment, the status is still in OnRoute. Can you check the Failed Transactions window to see if there are any for the respective user?

Failed transactions are where client transactions are deemed as invalid by the server code and gets stuck in a window for fixing and reprocessing. It could be that the transactions to move the state to “Work Started” and “Completed” are stuck here and only after fixing and resending those transactions will the status change on the back office.

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IFS Cloud 22R1; I am seeing many failed transactions:

@anmise  @Ibrahim Naazir 


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Update, many technicians receiving the same issue and they do not have any associated failed transactions. Please advise if you are aware of a solution or if we need to escalate this in a ticket. 

Thank you