Changing the Assembly Module Part No in MRO

  • 23 September 2021
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Dear Experts,

I would like to get your help on below business scenario which happens in MRO Engine workshops.

“Engine workshop receives an Engine. Let's say a module from that engine is Module A. According to the requirements, they perform modifications on its components and assemble the module back as Module B. In the IFS system, the relevant assembly shop order's assembled module part number is expected to be changed from A to B. How this can be done in IFS App10?

NOTE: This is happening for Pratt & Whitney and CFM Engines.

Appreciate your help on this matter.

3 replies

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Hello Thieuban,


For that you have to first register the Module B as an Alternate of Module A.

You can use modification for renaming as well.

When you defining the modification, while adding affected part (Define Modification > Modification Details) for the modification there is a field called ‘change to part No’ within the affected part line as below. You can add Module B as the change to part no.

Then after the modification you can receive the new Module B instead of Module A.

Hope this helps.




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Hi Chathuri,


Thanks. I used the above mentioned functionality to rename components via internal repair order. I think, I need to explain bit more here.

When I say “Module” that mean, Module has components. So, module is represented as Disassembly & Assembly shop orders in MRO Interim Order structure while it's components have disposition shop orders.

So, I am asking a function where I can change the part number of Assembly Shop Order receipt.

Is that possible?  

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@Chathuri Peiris I am here again & replying since I have found the answer for my own question. Yes, It is possible to rename child level assembly module as well as top level assembly module. 

Anyway, Thanks for your support too.