Sales contract and Project Module

  • 4 October 2021
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Can someone share a document on how the project module and sales contract work. Basically we are trying to use it for deferred revenue. We have a requirement to comply with IFRS 15. Is there any document on how Project module is linked with Sales contract.

1 reply

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Hi @m.arif,

There is no specific document that can be shared. However, you can try the online documentation for this. (E-learning documentation)

Further you may contact IFS Academy to participate in a Contract Mgt course which will enhance your knowledge in the related area.

Since you are trying to use the functionality to meet a specific objective, (use it for deferred revenue) you may need a comprehensive idea about the functionality. Hence getting consulting help is also is an option.

If you come across any specific error/issue during the flow, do mention it here, so that I can try to provide an answer.